“Mary Poppins Returns” is a low-flying kite

Mary Poppins as a character has loomed large over Disney's cannon ever since her inception. It's a bit surprising, given Disney's track record of dusting off, refurbishing and remaking all of their IPs, that it's taken this long for her to return to the big screen. And when you throw in Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda,... Continue Reading →


“A Quiet Place” delivers a touching story with an intriguing plot

We are in a silver age of horror films. With recent releases such as "Get Out", "The Witch", "It Comes at Night" and "The Babadook", horror films have found a new voice in Trump's America, echoing our current paranoia and national consciousness. "A Quiet Place" does not necessarily speak to modern times, but it does... Continue Reading →

“Into the Woods” is a solid film

Whenever Disney dabbles into fairy tales, especially darker ones, there's an inherent perception that studio executives will dampen down the story and 'Disney-fy' it, making it more accessible for families and taking the darker tone out of it. With Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods, there was fear that the studio would subdue the darker third... Continue Reading →

“Sicario” is a taut thriller

Often lost among all the talk about terrorism, gang violence and mass shootings is the fact that the United States is still fighting a drug war. Billions of federal and state dollars are being used to keep cocaine, heroin and other narcotics off the streets, and it has largely been forgotten in comparison to other... Continue Reading →


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