Ending a Saga

These past few months have seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe and "Game of Thrones" end in wildly differing fashions: one had strong fan support and the other didn't, one completed character arcs and the other left them open, one featured heroic sacrifice while the other presented backhanded betrayal. How do you end a saga of... Continue Reading →


“Avengers: Infinity War” is the ultimate showdown the MCU deserves

With near 40 characters, dozens of sideplots and a ten-year buildup spanning over a 15 films, it seemed as though Marvel's "Infinity War" would be a colossal mess. It's amazing therefore that not only is "Infinity War" not a disaster, it tells a great story that deftly weaves together everything special about the Marvel Cinematic... Continue Reading →

“Doctor Strange” is a worthy addition to MCU

Another origin story. Another weak villain. Another redemptive hero. Another shallow love interest. Another Stan Lee cameo. Another post-credits scene. More CGI action. In spite of the continuing weaknesses of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, "Doctor Strange" still manages to be a fun and enjoyable ride. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a cocky surgeon who... Continue Reading →


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