“Judy” gives a fair portrait of a declining star, but hits the same note too many times

The details of Judy Garland's final days are relatively well-known. Hamstrung by depression and drug addiction, she struggles through a declining string of performances and failed marriages that culminates with her overdose. Directed by Rupert Goold and written by Tom Edge off the play by Peter Quilter, "Judy" gives a fair portrait of the mental... Continue Reading →


The “Downton Abbey” movie is a tribute to the show’s legacy

Downton Abbey was a great TV show because of its fine writing, interesting characters and nuanced storytelling that illustrated the dynamics between masters and servants of early 20th century life in England. The film, thankfully, continues those same traits to create an entertaining film that adds on to the show's legacy as an extension of... Continue Reading →

“Molly’s Game” is a strong character study

For Aaron Sorkin's first foray behind the camera, the subject matter mixes classic Sorkin themes such as fatherhood, intelligence as an asset and a disdain for the system with new tropes such as a strong female protagonist and the corruptibility of desire. It's a mostly winning combination that utilizes Jessica Chastain's strong performance to boost... Continue Reading →

“Searching” is a gimmick

When the premise of your film is that the entire story takes place on a screen, whether it be a Macbook or television or security camera, you're naturally boxed into a corner in terms of story. So while the story you craft is reasonably strong, "Searching" remains a gimmick of the highest order. After her... Continue Reading →


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