“A Ghost Story” a haunting look at existence

Those looking for scares or spooks from writer-director David Lowery’s “A Ghost Story” will be sorely disappointed. What Lowery has crafted is an interesting examination of what life must look like from a ghost’s perspective and how questions about existence must plague such beings. It’s one of the more surreal films of the year.

C (Casey Affleck) dies in a car accident. He becomes a ghost, a literal white sheet that walks the Earth. He returns to his house and watches over his wife, M (Rooney Mara). When she leaves, he looks into the lives of the people who continue to live in the house and even delves into the past. What is he searching for? What will happen to him?

The film is a very ethereal, metaphysical examination of life. C waits for his wife until he can’t anymore. Will he ever find her? What is his path forward? Can he move on?

He wanders through so many planes of existence that it’s difficult to see where the story is headed. There is a somewhat heavy-handed, drunken tirade by one of the house occupants who states that life is pointless and constantly moving. Is that what the film is about? Does C find peace? What is peace?

Everything is very internal so the film leaves plenty of room for interpretation. It is slow, deliberate and haunting. Apart from the one tirade listed above, there’s little at fault in the film because it is practically an open canvas, open for people to find their own meaning in it.


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