“Toni Erdmann” a strange, heartfelt familial story

Written and directed by Maren Ade, “Toni Erdmann” tells the strange story of a father, Winfried (Peter Simonischek), who sneaks his way into his daughter’s life, Ines (Sandra Huller), by creating a character named Toni Erdmann and pretending to be her life coach.

A critical analysis of the business world, “Toni Erdmann” is immersed with strangeness and abnormality. At times comedic and at other times despondent, the film is likely to affect people in different ways, some immediately connecting with it and others just not getting it.

The film is long and at times wandering. Some of the moments hit their mark and others don’t. The characters however are strong and the film is certainly memorable. Just thinking back on it, I recall three or four striking scenes that make me sit back and think, geez, what did that mean? Perhaps nothing at all. That is the mark of an interesting if not quite engaging film.


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