Dear Future Generations

Dear Future Generations,

Hello. If you are reading this, I am surprised. It means the world has not ended. Right now, we all expect that it will.

You have lived through the Trump presidency and I just want to say, as one of the millions of people who voted, I am sorry. If it’s any consolation, I voted for the other candidate. So did the majority of people, but for some reason, the idiot racist won.

Blame the Founding Fathers. Yes, those Founding Fathers you have been taught to idolize. The same guys who thought women weren’t citizens, Native Americans were savages and that blacks were only three-fifths of a person. Who could have imagined that they screwed up the voting process too.

Still, I just feel the need to apologize for all of us here in the present. We fought hard against this. We really didn’t want this to happen. So many of us treated it like a joke. I mean, we had just elected the first African-American to the White House, a man who spoke eloquently, a man who was smart and dedicated, someone who pushed forward so many accomplishments in the environment, LGBT rights, women’s rights, economic growth, world peace and health care. I bet you miss President Obama.

So of course the country’s natural inclination was to vote for the polar opposite: a racist idiot who seemed like he had no idea what he was doing. I get not liking Hillary Clinton, but when you’re alternative is Satan, I still voted for wheat bread.

So I’m sorry you’ve lived through the past few years. I wonder how it’s going for you. Has there been a major terrorist attack because at the moment, he refuses to read his security memos? Has the bill to build a wall along Mexico been laughed out of the Senate? Has the Supreme Court full of right-wing nuts destroyed all the rights of the 99%? How about the environment? I bet it’s been the warmest year on record for so many consecutive years. I bet all those people who had their health care taken away are still waiting for that right-wing alternative to materialize. I’m sure it’s coming any day now.

Can you still get an abortion or are all women confined to the kitchen now? How many mass shootings have taken place? How many unarmed black men have been killed by police who face no consequences? How are all those white supremacists doing in the west wing? What about all those guppy Trump supporters who thought their manufacturing jobs were coming back? Has reality sunk in yet? I wish I could see their faces when the inevitable happens.

I don’t mean to bother you with questions. You can’t possibly answer them. We are just so nervous at the moment. Gosh, we’re sorry.

Hey, if there is a world out there after this- Dear History Books, don’t judge us too harshly. I know you’ll try and say that the people really screwed up and voted for hate and bigotry and started a new era of ineptitude, but hey, some of us tried to stop it. Just like the Romans who really thought we should do something about the barbarians next door. Some of us tried to do the right thing.

Again, I can’t stop saying how sorry we are that we let this happen. I’m sorry that you women out there don’t have control of your own bodies. I’m sorry the air you breath and the water you drink is tainted and that there is no snow anymore. I’m sorry we let racists and bigots and fearmongers run loose in the White House. I’m sorry that those delicate situations with Iran, Syria, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Palestine and Egypt are probably all blown to hell. I’m sorry LGBT citizens have to feel that there’s something wrong with them rather than with the world they live in. I’m sorry more and more people die of shootings because nobody has the guts to take on the NRA. I’m sorry to all those people out there who came to this country with hope for a better life and are being cast out because they’re Asian or Latino or Arabic. I’m sorry Wall Street will be let loose again to destroy the economy and then just get bailed out by the taxpayers with no consequences. And I’m sorry all those politicians out there have no spine and lack the credibility to stand up and say, “This is wrong.”

Maybe some of you have stood up and demanded something better. Maybe enough of you have that things are not so bad. Maybe Trump is shaking in his boots over how many of you have stood up. I hope so. That sounds nice. A nice little anti-bigotry movement. We haven’t had one of those for awhile. If it hasn’t started, please consider it. It might help somewhat.

But for the moment, we dropped the ball on this one. We let you down big time. So if you’re out there, dear future generation, just know, whatever it’s worth, that some of us tried to stop this from happening. We failed. It’s probably not worth anything to you now.


December 2016


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